Killer Quenn CTF
  • As the JACKBOYS team, we ranked 5th in the High School division of the Killer Queen CTF, where more than 1000 teams participated.

    Private Napster CTF
  • In this API testing CTF, which I received an private invitation through Hackerone, I was rewarded with $3k by finding one of the 4 flags before anyone else. Only two of the 4 flags, including the one I found, were found by researchers.

    Flood Gate Project (2)
  • In this project, we prepared a gate against flood using IoT. After our project was appreciated, we were invited by the DSI regional director to talk about the project.

    Hackerone h1-2204 Live Hacking Event
  • I got invited h1-2204 coded special live hacking event and participated it.

    Cyber Security Workshop
  • As, we organized the "Cyber Security Trainings" event with the support of our trainers, Kütahya Dumlupınar University Cyber Security Community and Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University OWASP community.

    Teknofest Rocket Competition 22' Finals
  • We won the right to participate in the Teknofest 2022 Rocket Competition with the rocket called Kızılkuzgun, which we designed with the Hürkuş Rocket team, of which I was responsible for avionics and software.

    BUSIBER 22 Cyber Security Summer Camp & Conference
  • I participated in the event organized by Boğaziçi University Cyber Security Club, Turkey Cyber Security Cluster and Turkish Cyber Clubs Association. During the camp, I studied about blockchain development and smart contract security.