Ekin Şiar Bayer

I'm a


Greetings, I'm Ekin. After graduating from Atakent Secondary School as 2nd place ,in 2019, I was accepted to Samsun Garip Zeycan Yıldırım Science High School by entering 0.6% percentile accross Turkey as a result of the LGS exam I took and I am currently in the 11th grade. In addition, since 2019, I am a student at DENEYAP Technology Workshops, which provides technology education to students selected with a two-stage exam.

Security Researcher & Student

I've been with computers since I was a kid, so I've trained myself in computer science and cybersecurity for a very long time but I started calling myself a cybersecurity researcher in 2021. I work as a bug bounty hunter in my spare time and I am trying to do vulnerability research. Learning new things about cyber security and improving myself are among the things that make me happiest.

  • Birthday: 24 May 2005
  • Phone: +90 538 898 5002
  • Location: Samsun, Turkey
  • Age: 17
  • Degree: Highscool Student

My hobbies include bodybuilding, basketball, playing electric guitar. I like to listen hip-hop and rock/metal.


Bug Bounty Hunting 100%
Web Security 95%
API Security 80%
Robotics and IoT 80%
Avionics 80%
Network Security 75%
Penetration Testing 75%
Mobile App Security 40%
Smart Contract Security 30%
Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom 30%
Reverse Engineering 10%
Forensics 10%

Programming Languages

Bash 90%
Arduino Programming 90%
Python 75%
Solidity 30%
C 20%
SQL 20%


Turkish Native Speaker
English Advanced-C2
German Beginner-A1.1

Operating Systems

Linux 80
Windows 60



Ekin Şiar Bayer

A 17-year-old high school student who has 1+ years of security researching experience and loves cybersecurity & self-development. Mostly focused to bug bounty hunting


Highschool & Science

2019 - Present

Samsun Garip Zeycan Yıldırım Science High School

After graduating from Atakent Secondary School as the 2nd place, I was accepted to this school after I entered the 0.6% percentile accross Turkey in the LGS exam I took. We mostly see Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry lectures.

DENEYAP Workshops & Technology

2019 - Present

DENEYAP Technology Workshops

I was accepted here after a two-stage exam. Here, we take lectures in 11 different fields, including Design and Production, Robotics and Coding, Electronic Programming and IoT, Advanced Robotics, Cyber Security, Energy Technologies, Aerospace Technologies, Software Technologies, Materials Science and Nanotechnology, Mobile Applications and Artificial Intelligence.

Professional Experience

Bug Bounty Hunter

2019 - Present

Hackerone, Freelance

  • I work as a part-time bug bounty hunter both freelance and for Hackerone. You can find my detailed achievements in the bottom sections.



2021 - Present

Siberay Workshop

  • As Samsun Garip Zeycan Science High School Computer Science Club founders(2), we have been working with students and providing training in the cyber security workshop that we have established for a while.

Team Member

2021 - Present

Hürkuş Rocket Team

  • A team of 6 members and 2 mentors that we make low-altitude rockets for competitions. I'm interested in the software and avionics part of the rocket.

Team Member

2021 - Present

Jackboys CTF Team

  • A team of 4 that we participated in Capture the flag competitions

Community Member

2020 - Present

TR Bug Hunters

Team Member & Writer

2022 - Present


  • I am a member of a blog on cybersecurity and a great community

Designer & Writer

2019 - Present


  • I worked as a designer and writer in the science magazine of our school.


The world's future cybersecurity leaders are teenage ethical hackers today, many of them open for remote internships, such as Ekin

Mårten Mickos

HackerOne CEO & Formerly CEO of MySQL and Eucalyptus


Bug Bounty Hunting

If you have a bug bounty program or will open a bug bounty program, I would be happy to receive private invitation.

Penetration Testing

I can perform Web, API and Network penetration tests.

Bug Bounty Collaborations

I'm open to bug bounty collaborations